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The JumpStart Program
Don't let your dream of owning your own business slip away! Let RevLadder make your dream a reality by jump starting your business today. Our business-in-a-box design contains everything you need to hit the ground running!

Items offered as part of the JumpStart program:
 Business plan documents
 Funding documents
 Incorporation documents & step-by-step filing instructions for the state the company will be located in
 EIN (federal tax ID) number document & step-by-step filing instructions
 Customized company logo
 500 customized company business cards
 Customized 7-page company website
 Marketing placement on the RevLadder website & eMagazines
 Social media account for your company
 First-year bookkeeping services from a RevLadder approved Certified Public Accountant
 Commissions earned on collected fees from referred members 15%
 Bonus commission earned on first month's fees collected from all referred sign-ups 20%
 Customizable Strategic Partner website & custom URL
 Purchase products & services at very competitive pricing from RevLadder Service Providers
 30% off on all future web design and web development
Price per month  $199.00
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