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Basic Membership
Price per month  $9.99
 Receive referrals from any RevLadder member
 Refer business to other RevLadder members and earn reward points
 Purchase services from other Service Providers
 Receive and customize your own RevLadder Profile page(s) with custom URL
 Receive "RevLadder Approved Service Provider" Seal
 Appear on state-level Service Provider search results & listings
 Appear on RevLadder E-Magazine
 Number of commission-earning levels 4
 Commission earned on all recurring month's fees collected from all directly referred (1st level) sign-ups 15%
 Commission bonus earned on first month's fees collected from all directly referred (1st level) sign-ups 20%
 Override on 2nd level team Service Provider referrals 5%
 Override on 3rd level team Service Provider referrals 3%
 Override on 4th level team Service Provider referrals 1%
 Automatically become a member of and sell additional products from  
 Receive 30% off on all web design and web development
Price per month  $9.99
Basic Membership
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