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RevLadder Affiliate Group Platform
Take your affiliate group to new heights by getting them out and selling a vast array of products that will create new revenue streams in a community-like atmosphere. Our platform is designed so that you as the Group Admin also share in the revenue every step of the way!
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Group Platform Highlights
Themes: blue | green | charcoal | orange
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How the process works
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 Receive recurring monthly commission for every paying affiliate of your group
 Receive white-labeled customizable website with custom URL for your organization
 Monitor & track affiliate enrollment & sales activity
 Number of commission-earning levels 5
 Commission earned on all recurring month's fees collected from all directly referred (1st level) sign-ups 15%
 Commission bonus earned on first month's fees collected from all directly referred (1st level) sign-ups 20%
 Override on 2nd level team referrals 7%
 Override on 3rd level team referrals 5%
 Override on 4th level team referrals 3%
 Override on 5th level team referrals 1%
 Affiliates automatically become a member of and sell additional products from
 Purchase quality products & services from RevLadder Service Providers
 Receive 30% off on all web design and web development
Price per month  FREE!
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